IT and Systems Case Studies

IT organizations are traditionally lean. Ratio for IT to development staff repeatedly approaches 100:1; especially given current cloud computing framework. In times of change organizations often choose to manage certain IT and systems functions with outsourced staff. For example, in the early phases of IT deployment an external architect or security consultant provides valuable guidance. Many projects such as network integration, data migration, or equipment refreshes can be specified as fixed duration and scope. Customer support can often be better managed long term with a service provider than internal staff.

For companies that need seasonal or short-term IT bandwidth, there is an enormous advantage to have an outside team execute discrete projects. It allows internal staff to stay focused on key business objectives; provides expertise in specific areas; and with the use of near and off shore – can lower overall costs. Roles such as administration and support are often well-suited to a long-term solution, especially when blended with 24×7 offshore solutions.

MindSource provides the talent you need in consultant, regular full time, or project modes of engagement. Skillsets include rack and stack, network architect, site reliability engineering, compliance manager or devops engineer.


IT operations outsourcing

Managed a complete IT operations solution for our client’s mobile division. Our team rapidly established procedure and process to provide support for a legacy product line and built an IT support team for a new product offering. Our solution included Problem Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Release Management, Subject-Matter Experts, System Administration, Database Administration, and Documentation.


IT infrastructure support

Supported an IT infrastructure with over 400 servers supporting 2,000 users worldwide. Our client had an established IT infrastructure in which the systems and processes had become fragmented from the organization and consolidation efforts that took place over the previous 24 months. Our eight-person team supported day to day needs, upgraded and reconfigured all core systems; including the client’s mail system, monitoring applications, and DNS in an 18 month engagement.


Roadmap for data center move

Interviewed executives for business requirements to establish a roadmap for revamping a 30,000 square foot data center. Created an interactive review process to determine departmental growth requirements. Developed a road map for migration in the following 18 months in a site evaluation. Executed short-term changes to remedy network and power management issues.

Network Appliance

Remote management architecture

Consulted with the internal security and IT groups for a company-wide data center migration for about 700 externally facing servers. Created a test bed and play book migrations. Performed security assessments and up-time metrics for weekly meetings. Developed customized security reporting to couple with Radius and TAC servers.