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MindSources’s commitment to embracing the ever-evolving business landscape means you get a partner committed to providing solutions to move your business forward. 

Managed Services

Leveraging our deep technical foundations to manage your technical project from start to finish

Managed services enable your business to gain access to world-class resources that are outside of your organization’s core competencies, and to gain flexibility in resource allocation. MindSource will tailor the solution to meet your business’s needs by designing the project scope, determining the appropriate technologies, allocating the technical resources, and then managing the project to a successful outcome.


The on-shore managed services model offers technical resources that are located in your country of origin.  MindSource will guide these consultants throughout the project, managing the project to successful completion.


Near-shore managed services are like onshore managed services in countries with a shared time zone to provide the same innovative environment. This way, Mindosurce delivers state-of-the-art tech solutions and quickly adapts to an ever-changing market.


Offshore managed services let clients tap into MindSource’s global talent pool for projects outside their home country. MindSource manages the project, resources, and offers flexible allocation, all at a potentially lower cost.

Professional Services

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Challenges

At MindSource, we offer a comprehensive suite of Professional Services designed to address your specific business needs. Our team of certified specialists possess deep expertise across various technology domains. We leverage this expertise to develop solutions that go beyond simply staffing your projects.

Fixed Scope

Fixed Scope projects are for clients who have a prepared specification of deliverables. MindSource will develop the software against that scope for a fixed price. Any changes to the scope are handled with a change-order process.

Statement of Work

Statement of Work (SOW) projects offer a flexible alternative for agile environments. Clients receive a fixed quote for core deliverables, with adjustments made as the project evolves. This approach combines the control of a fixed-cost project with the adaptability of hourly consulting.

Staff Augmentation

Bolster Your Team with Top Talent

Need to bridge a skills gap or augment your existing team for a specific project? MindSource’s Staff Augmentation services are the perfect solution. We have a vast network of highly skilled IT professionals across various technical disciplines. Our rigorous selection process ensures we connect you with the right talent to integrate into your team and deliver exceptional results seamlessly.

Hourly Contracting

Hourly consulting entails engaging consultants for a minimum number of hours at an hourly rate. MindSource manages billing, payment, and administrative tasks while the client oversees the consultant’s work directly. This model provides rapid onboarding, access to senior talent, flexible accounting, and fixed-term commitment of resources.

Contract to Hire

Contract-to-hire, also known as “try before buy,” incorporates conversion terms agreed upon before the engagement begins. Prioritizing the consultant’s potential interest in a full-time role is crucial. A pro-rata conversion agreement often includes a commission for MindSource based on the consultant’s worked hours.

Contingency Search

Contingency Search, or perm search, involves MindSource searching for a full-time employee on behalf of the client. Fees are contingent upon successful placement, often with a guarantee. MindSource bills the client a percentage of the annual salary after the employee has completed a specified period. This method, ideal for groups with similar skill sets, is a slower process.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing by MindSource manages all aspects of onboarding, including consultants or full-time employees. Clients pay a monthly fee and commission based on objectives. MindSource handles recruitment tasks like job fairs, website management, vendor coordination, and interview scheduling.

Our Approach

Nowadays, the quest for optimal resources poses a formidable challenge to organizations. Our strategic methodology enables us to attract top-tier talent aligned with your company’s culture and requirements, enhancing ROI through MindSource’s tailored approach for each project.

Our Collaboration Process

At MindSource, we believe in fostering strong partnerships built on open communication and a collaborative approach. Our proven process ensures we gain a deep understanding of your needs and deliver the right solutions to achieve your goals.

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