Software Development Case Studies

Given today’s software development methodology, software teams need to be adaptable to scale and adjust talent pool. Product developers may prefer to be involved in upfront design and strategic aspects of the project and require backup on areas out of their specialty. Some products have seasonal or short-term product ship deadlines. In this case it makes sense to have another team come in and execute flawlessly, to keep them focused on the projects that are more mainstream and core to their organization.

We offer onshore/offshore/resident consulting resource engagement modes on a project-by-project basis. The ability to rapidly turn a talent shortage around to your advantage is key, whether it be for database, back-end, mobile UI, and desktop apps.

MindSource is the go-to place for software development resources operating in a dozen different verticals.


Collaborative Platform

Brought this product from partially complete concept to ready to ship completion in two months. Integrated disparate parts of a collaborative platform which displayed end-user content in a video format using Ruby on Rails with JavaScript framework.


Content Management System

Created a custom content management solution using python to create a robust presentation layer for product content. Project managed local and remote teams to make a deadline for an improved version.


Network Management Portal

Designed and implemented the front-end user interface for a network management dashboard. Our seven person team identified component interactions, use cases, and resource requirements using Dojo that integrated seamlessly with existing infrastructure.


Web Application

Assisted in a highly visible project to rebuild the web app and APIs to support their mobile clients to support their upcoming initiatives and modernize their platform. Aided in design and development of UI functions and integrations with Tableau, from wireframe phase to implementation.

Western Digital

Mobile User Experience

Supported the creative and product release teams with branding and identity of a remote storage system for a mobile user application. Refined core branding and identity communication for user interface style documents.

Quality Assurance Case Studies

Small and Catchy description for Quality Assurance Case Studies and what we do in that.

Creating a cultural balance between QA and software production staff is key to maintaining high product quality. As an organization scales, augmenting QA team with consultants is often a no-brainer. Inhouse developers don’t want to take on mundane QA tasks instead preferring to address issues such as usability or performance. Also, for teams who have been close to product development, it makes sense to have another separate test team to ensure that quality standards have been met. A great web or software experience is based on a fully integrated QA culture.

We provide several options for clients to maintain the balance between in-house capabilities and capabilities of short term staffing. With over a thousand QA engagements we are experts in this niche market. We provide regular full-time staff, hourly consultant, and or offshore/nearshore solutions in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

MindSource has provided QA resources for thousands of engagements ranging from black box, white box, test automation, and user experience testers.


Mobile app

Managed a team of quality assurance resources for testing a mobile video conferencing application on both iOS and Android platforms. The team included an iOS developer, a database QA engineer, and several mobile QA resources.


Web application development

Deployed a team of twenty engineers to test web experience for a brick and mortar retail firm. The team included a group of manual testers, subject matter experts in both quality assurance, and web development technologies (HTM5L, CSS, and JavaScript), tools and automation developers, and software developers focused on testing to evaluate and improve the front-end experience.


Retail Website

Deployed a team of about sixty QA engineers and 180,000 man hours
engagement to provide white box testing, followed by extensive test automation.


Teleconferencing app

Managed a team of QA resources to test the mobile application for Cisco’s Webex product on both iOS and Android. Team included an iOS developer, a database QA engineer, and several mobile QA resources.