Devops Ecosystem Case Studies

Decisions to migrate to a different platform like GitHub are not merely a technical concern. This decision has the potential of impacting the business performance of organizations. Given this, close attention must be paid to the integration points with existing development tools enabling Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). In addition, audit controls, the heterogeneity of enterprise development infrastructure, and the need to maintain distributed, federated repositories are important potential challenges that must be analyzed prior to a code migration.

Changing version control systems will naturally disrupt your development workflow as developers begin using new tools and practices. This disruption can be an opportunity to improve other aspects of the development process. MindSource Migration practice helps your team improve in the following areas:

  • Adoption of continuous integration, so that every check-in performs a build and a test pass, will help identify defects early and provides a strong safety net for your project.
  • Implement code reviews. GitHub’s branching model makes a pull
    request-based code review workflow a natural part of your development process, and pull requests complement a continuous integration workflow.
  • Implement release management. Adopt a modern release pipeline and automate deployment processes.

Additionally, our experts advise and implementation on best practices for branching strategy; automate history migration; cleanup binary files and tools; train; and migrate code.

There are many moving parts when considering devops implementation. Core to this structure are automated provisioning, automated testing, and automated build and deployment. MindSource devops practice enables teams to understand and adopt the collaboration and shared tools strategy for Dev, QA, and infrastructure automation.


SAAS platform – Digital signatures

Over the course of several months, MindSource advised the services organization on the best way to scale their prototype and create an enterprise grade solution that was implemented across their organization and their clients and vendors. Our seven-member team oversaw each piece of project, taking the concept from its prototype to a full-fledged custom solution. The services arm of a global networking technology company developed a prototype SaaS platform to track the digital signatures for software defects for use internally. The services division saw the value of the tracking platform and wanted to scale the prototype across their organization. They quickly discovered that the prototype could not be easily scaled to accommodate the needs of an enterprise environment nor did they have the internal resources to facilitate the development of an enterprise grade solution internally. MindSource delivered a solution that not only met the enterprise needs of the services organization that was both timely and cost effective, but the services organization extended the platform to their external clients and vendors, allowing for streamlined communication of defects, and improved service. This resulted in a more cohesive end to end flow of information and less back and forth on defects; and improved customer satisfaction.