Is your Company brand hurting your recuiting process?

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The job market for talented tech workers has always been highly competitive, but with today’s low unemployment, it’s only gotten more challenging for companies to attract the best candidates. This is great news for tech employees but it makes it hard for even well-known companies to attract and keep top candidates.

One of the most important ways to attract and keep top talent is to foster a compelling company brand. Your employer brand defines your core purpose, and your company’s culture. When this brand is communicated consistently across all your messaging, both internal and external, it can attract and inspire candidates.

Your employer brand makes an impact on candidates before they even have their first interview. Prior to applying for a position, candidates are checking your social media, reading your website, and most likely reaching out to acquaintances to find out what your company’s reputation is. Your employer brand — whether it is done well or poorly — is telling a story to a future employee before they even walk in the front door.

Why is this important?

In today’s tight job market, your ability to both attract and retain top tier candidates depends on your company’s brand being consistent and compelling. Highly skilled professionals do not want to work for uninspired or inauthentic companies. A compelling brand gives employees an important sense of purpose that can’t be replaced with perks like free lunches.   

How can you tell if your employer brand is helping or hurting your recruiting process?

1. Lack of Applicants

Large employers with happy employees rarely need to do anything more than post an ad on their company website to start receiving applications. Internal corporate recruiters of companies with a great reputation often spend much of their time sorting through candidates that have reached out directly. When your brand is uninspiring or lacking, on the other hand, internal recruiters devote a lot of energy and money to marketing positions, and trying to get enough applicants.

2. Length of Open Jobs

All employers go through periods of time when they can’t find qualified candidates. However, most positions can usually be filled in 1-2 months. If your company has jobs open for over 60 days, it could be an indication that your company needs to improve their brand (and possibly their hiring practices).

3. Lack of Trust

Employees who work for a company with a strong core brand feel secure in their roles. They aren’t seeking other opportunities. They are aren’t watching the clock, or overly focused on their paycheck. If you have high turnover, it might be a sign your company isn’t infused with a compelling purpose or culture.

4. Employee Attitude

Are your employees happy and engaged with their work? Do they seem satisfied with their roles, and optimistic about opportunities to grow within the company? Would they refer their friends to work there? Do you have positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor? An unhappy workforce suggests the company is lacking a compelling core brand.

If your company is struggling to hire top candidates, it might make sense to examine your employer brand and overall company culture. Taking steps to create a compelling brand that inspires will help you not only attract top talent, but, more importantly, will help you KEEP top talent from leaving