Hiring Trends for 2019: Diversity and Inclusion

How can we hire top talent efficiency?  We significantly need to change our behavior to impact our ability to get new talent. Unemployment rates are low, and demand is much more than supply. Are you ready to implement these new hiring trends? If not, you will get left behind.

We are rolling out several hiring trends to watch in 2019.  Today, we will be discussing diversity and inclusion.


Trend 4: Diversity and Inclusion

Despite the clear distinctions between the two, diversity and inclusion often go undifferentiated. Why? Because, the two are intertwined when it comes to cultivating your uniquely diverse and inclusive environment. As the Harvard Business Review article, Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion put it:

“In the context of the workplace, diversity equals representation. Without inclusion, however, the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage their participation, foster innovation, and lead to business growth won’t happen.”

So, it’s true that diversity and inclusion work together to affect outcomes.

But understanding them as fundamentally different things is essential because it bifurcates and clarifies the primary challenge for leaders: understanding the implication that demographic variety has on business performance,  and creating an environment that invites the full spectrum of employee perspectives and maximizes them.

Employees in inclusive environments feel appreciated for their unique characteristics, and therefore comfortable sharing their ideas and other aspects of their true and authentic selves.

Of course, to obtain the advantages of a diverse, inclusive workforce, leaders need to first define what diversity means for their unique culture and how they expect inclusion to manifest on their teams. Next, they must have objective data to indicate if they are diverse and inclusive.


Talent picks you.  Stay tuned for more posts in this series.  We would love to hear your thoughts on where hiring technical talent is going in 2019.  Book a meeting today and an indulgent holiday beverage is in your near future.