Hiring Trends for 2019: Candidate Experience, Candidate Relationship Management

How can we hire top talent efficiency?  We significantly need to change our behavior to impact our ability to get new talent. Unemployment rates are low, and demand is much more than supply. Are you ready to implement these new hiring trends? If not, you will get left behind.

We are rolling out several hiring trends to watch in 2019. Today we will be discussing Candidate Experience and candidate relationship management.


Trend 2:  Candidate Experience, Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate experience is the past, current and future candidate’s overall perception of your company’s recruiting process. It is the combination of a candidate’s feelings, behaviors and attitudes during the entire recruiting process from interview to hiring and on-boarding.

It is important because candidates with a positive experience are more likely to accept your offer and refer others to your company. Based on a TalentLyft study, 97% of candidates with a positive experience refer other candidates and 55% of them would tell their social networks about the positive experience. On the other hand, those with a negative experience can cost you in the long run since you could end up losing money.

Candidate relationship management is becoming important and provides a way to help manage and improve relationships with current and future job candidates. This works for attracting talent – one of the biggest challenges in the HR industry today.


Talent picks you.  Stay tuned for more posts in this series.